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Barton Malow Company contacted our representative, Rigging Gear Sales, Inc., about adding another hydraulic gantry system to their rigging fleet to meet the demands of their upcoming projects. Barton Malow had a large IHI press to install, with several components outside the current capabilities of their 1989 Lift Systems Model 4800. Both lift height and capacity of the 4800 alone was insufficient to meet the demands of that project. It was determined that the project could be completed if the 4800 could gain height, and if it could be synchronized to another 4 leg gantry system to achieve capacity demands.

THE SCOPE:Retrofit Barton Malow’s 1989 Model 4800 Hydraulic Gantry with the CARL Synchronized Control SystemAdd 5’ of Height to Barton Malow’s 4800 with Universal RisersSelect a Power Tower model to suit their current needs, and future goalsSynchronize 8 gantry system legs to work in perfect unison, both lifting, and travelingDevelop a modular way to synchronize all 8 legs, but to also allow for use as independent 4 leg gantry systemsSynchronize two machines of different vintages, capacities, operational speeds, operational characteristics, and strokes— all with 1 lever control!DEVELOPMENT AND COMPLETION IN 8 WEEKS!

Solving the 5’ additional height requirement was an easy solution. Barton Malow Company purchased a set of (4) Universal Risers for their 4800 equipped with integral drives.

The second gantry model selected was a 34PT5400WT, but there were several changes needed to suit Barton Malow Company’s needs. The unit needed to be fitted with integral drives and the CARL Control System. Due the modular design of Lift Systems’ Hydraulic Gantries, making the changes was not a problem—all of the mounting brackets required, were already built into the machine! The optionals added were merely a plug and play chore.

Simultaneously, the Model 4800 came into the shop for retrofitting with the CARL Control System.

Adding the Universal Risers was not a problem—they were a perfect fit from the start.

After 8 weeks, and a visit from Barton Malow Company’s representatives, the units headed straight to the job site.




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