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LIFT SYSTEMS was founded in 1983 by Gary Lorenz when he sold his interest in Riggers Manufacturing Company, the first company to commercially produce hydraulic gantry systems, and he then established Lift Systems in Davenport, Iowa.  Lift Systems then went on to produce and patent the modular 4 point hydraulic gantry design.

Due to many changes over the years and market demands, Lift Systems has evolved into a world leader for hydraulic gantry systems, mobile pick and carry machines, crawler mounted transporters, custom cylinders, and many other types of specialized equipment for the rigging, petrochemical, automotive, heavy equipment manufacturing, railroad, ship building, general construction, aerospace, defense, and power generation


Currently headquartered in East Moline, Illinois, Lift Systems has become world renowned for quality and after sales service.  To date, it is verified that Lift Systems has sold equipment in over 49 countries on 6 six continents.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about Lift Systems.  Below is a brief timeline of Lift Systems’ history.


Riggers Manufacturing Company was formed with Gary Lorenz as a founding partner.


Gary Lorenz sold his interest in Riggers Manufacturing Company and founded Lift Systems, Inc. headquartered in Davenport, IA.


Lift Systems moved from Davenport, IA across the Mississippi River to a larger facility in Moline, IL.


Lift Systems introduced its MobiLift and TwinLift product lines of industrial hoist trucks designed to pick & carry heavy loads.  The first machines ranged from 30 ton to 50 ton capacities.  Today the Mobilift and Twinlift product lines range from 33 ton to 110 capacities.

Lift Systems expanded its hydraulic gantry product line to range from 20 to 1000 ton capacities.


Lift Systems manufactured their first Power Tower boom style hydraulic gantry with cylinders inside and outside the boom structure.  This design was then patented by Lift Systems.


Lift Systems purchased the assets of Badger Hydraulics (Mukwonago, WI), a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer. A new division was formed as Mobile Cylinders, Inc. to manufacturer hydraulic cylinders for Lift Systems and other companies.


Lift Systems entered the Nuclear Waste Cask Transporter business with the design and sale of the first Cask Transporter to Virginia Electric Power Company.

Mobile Cylinders, Inc. relocated to East Moline, IL and became part of Lift Systems, Inc.  The same facility is still occupied by Lift Systems today for the bulk of their manufacturing activities.


Lift Systems received ISO 9001 certification.  The same year, Lift Systems introduced its line of custom industrial trailers with a 115 ton battery powered model.


Lift Systems introduced the TF45/60 telescopic forklift to its mobile pick & carry product line.


A joint venture of Rigging Gear Sales, Inc, an independent Lift Systems representative, and Lift Systems purchased the assets of Riggers Manufacturing Company.  Riggers Manufacturing Company continues to produce their EZLifter and TriLifter product lines as a separate entity.


Lift Systems builds the first 34PT8552WT – 850 ton Power Tower to 40’ sparking a new generation of high capacity, high extended height, hydraulic gantry systems.


Lift Systems starts a new chapter of its history when it is sold by Gary Lorenz to an investor group comprised of Bruce Forster, Ron Hall, and Glenn Blair.  Bruce Forster became the president of Lift Systems.


Continual product development and improvement is the focus of Lift Systems, Inc.  Everything from machine design, control systems, safety features, and ergonomics have been evaluated and improved.  Lift Systems pays close attention to regulatory standards and all equipment produced by Lift Systems meets or exceeds these standards with ease.  With the assistance of customer feedback, experienced personnel, and outside experts in the field of manufacturing and engineering, the new generation of Lift Systems equipment continues to be the safest specialized lifting equipment available on the market!




1505 - 7th Street

East Moline, IL 61244


Main Manufacturing Facility:

1103 - 14th Ave.

East Moline, IL  61244


Cylinder Facility:

1101 - 12 th Ave.

Rock Island, IL  61201