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Safe propulsion of a hydraulic gantry along runway track is just as essential to the successful performance of a lift as  any other part of the operation.  Like most products we offer, we have several methods of accomplishing the same result depending upon the application, your experience, your preference, and your budget.


Integral Drives are a simple, built in, method to propel a gantry system.  No parts or pieces to assemble on the job site makes the integral drive system user friendly, and provides continuous travel along the runway track.  Additionally, without external parts or pieces, you can maximize your track run.  One unique feature of a Lift Systems gantry equipped with integral drives is our new true freewheel feature which is standard on all production integral drive systems.  The standard true freewheel feature allows for a mechanical disengagement of the hydraulic circuit from the drive system.  This eliminates the resistance still encountered by cycling the hydraulic oil through a closed loop circuit.


Pin on drives are a plug and play addition that can be added to several models of our hydraulic gantry systems at any time to provide continuous propulsion capabilities.  The ratchet lift feature provides for free wheel during the lifting operation to allow centering of the gantry legs.  Pin on drives are suitable for use on Models 44A, 43A, 42A, 4240, and 4160.  Suitability depends primarily on load weights and intended application.


Propel cylinders are a tried and true means of traversing along the runway track.  They may be a little more labor intensive than integral drives, however, optimal load control is achieved in an extremely cost effective package.

Cylinder strokes are available in 4' (1.2m), 5' (1.5m), and 6' (1.8m) lengths.


Side Shift Systems have vastly changed the versatility of hydraulic gantry systems and how and where they are used.  Lift Systems again provides modular and adaptable solutions to traversing lifting beams.  We have developed a wide range of side shifting systems to meet various application demands.  Not every job requires side shifting capabilities, so why pay freight to, and from, a job site for equipment you don't necessarily need?  Our modular designs work with our lift links to allow the addition or subtraction of the side shift system without having to buy additional lift links.

Continuous Power Arrangement

The Continuous Power Side Shift System arrangement consists of hydraulically powered dolly pads, connecting tubes, and lift links.  The dolly pads have an integral hydraulic drive incorporated into the dolly and both ends of the dolly are chain driven.  The hydraulic drive system is equipped with an internal brake standard.  Great for shifting across long beam spans such as traversing a load from a rail car to an SPMT.

Available in 50 ton, 100 ton, and 125 ton per dolly capacities.

Cylinder / Clamp Arrangement

The Cylinder / Clamp  Side Shift System arrangement consists of guided dolly pads, a beam clamp, hydraulic cylinder, connecting tubes, and lift links.  All pieces are components of a system and can be used independently for other applications.  Various cylinder stroke lengths can be used depending upon the application.  Great for fine adjustment such as setting of a press crown.

Available in 50 ton, 100 ton, and 125 ton per dolly capacities.

Rolling Lift Link Arrangement

The Rolling Lift Link Side Shift System arrangement has the wheels incorporated directly into the link.  A hydraulic cylinder and beam clamp connect the system together and positively connect it to the lifting beam.  A great solution for short stroke, fine adjustment.

Available in 10 ton and 25 ton per link capacities.



The Level Lift System is a simplified stand-alone monitoring system for use on hydraulic gantry systems.  The operator can monitor how level the lifting beams are, and make correction to the lifting operation.


The Laser Height and Level Indicator System builds upon the Level Lift 2 platform and allows the addition of (4) lasers magnetically mounted to the gantry leg to show the extension of each leg at the operator console.  Zero out function is standard.

CARL CONTROL SYSTEM ( Computer Assisted Remote Lifting)

The CARL Control System is our optional synchronized control system for hydraulic gantries.  Complete synchronization of lifting and traveling is standard as well as load weight and pressure displays.  Customized programming can make your system look and operate in ways you never could imagine.  Our multilingual display platform and remote programming capabilities are an industry exclusive!


Lift Links are an essential tool for every hydraulic gantry user.  Precision cut lift links from Lift Systems provide you with the rigging solution that is right for you.  Three types of lift links are available to provide you an economical and adaptable solution to your equipment needs.

Each link is precision cut to exacting standards and tolerances, and every pin hole is line bored to ensure trueness.  As with every piece of steel that comes through the door at Lift Systems, mill test certificates are required from our steel vendors and kept on file.



Single piece construction



Modular Construction

Easy to use

Adaptable plates can be interchanged to accommodate multiple beam sizes and side shift systems


Modular Construction

Most adaptable option

Adaptable plates can be interchanged to accommodate multiple beam sizes and side shift systems



The foundation of any successful gantry lift begins with a solid and level base on which to operate.  Lift Systems' runway track combines modularity and rigidity in a complete package.  Five standard sizes and capacities are available to suit most job requirements from our smaller 6" runway to our massive 30" runway designed for a 1000 ton load with a 20' free span.  Adjustable widths accommodate the various widths of hydraulic gantry systems in the field.


The 550 ton (500 tonne) Rotation Station from Lift Systems, Inc. is second to none in terms of capacity, portability, usability, and versatility!  Designed to be used in three different load placement arrangements, both with and without a hydraulic gantry, the Rotation Station will serve any load rotation need that arises.


When your gantry system doesn't have enough height to get your load where it needs to go, track stands are a great solution for elevating your runway track.  Our modular, stackable design allows you to add just the right amount of height to your system.  Another great use for our stands is for shoring when your runway track needs to cross a pit.


Universal risers are a great way to add a quick 5' (1.5 m) to your gantry system.  Simple to use, the gantry leg simply installs on the riser wheels and all.  Bracing keeps the gantry leg in place at all times.  Integral Drives can also be added to the risers to provide continuous drive.




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